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NEW FOR 2014!
Ranked number one frame and 1 millimeter thickness
lens system in the Industry. Progrip patent no-fog lenses
combined with the fastest light sensitive lenses. Increased
view screen with more inclined lens to increase the visual
field.Wider ventilation area for better airflow.Triple-layer face
preformed felted foam maximizes comfort and sweat control
for superior moisture wicking. Precut Foam and Molded
channels for eyeglass end piece foremost eyeglasses. Large
treated silicon on the strap to avoid slippage on helmet.
100% high quality Lexan lenses. 100% UV protection 100%
NO-FOG and ANTI-SCRATCH LENS 100% Made in Italy.
• Lens position is even more inclined to increase the field
of vision
• Increased protection around the bridge of the nose
• Ergonomic profile featuring a new and more comfortable
fit against the forehead
• Wider ventilation area for better air circulation
• More aerodynamic frame
Nose protection included
• Progrip Baseline 3201 MX/Enduro Goggle with single felted
density and preformed foam
• One of the best frames with a 1mm thickness lens
• Progrip patent Anti Scratch lens
• Large view screen with wider ventilation area for better airflow
• Precut Foam and Moulded channels for most eyeglasses
• Treated silicon on the strap to avoid slippage on helmet
• Nose Protector Included
• CE-EN Approved
3201 dual
race line
top line
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