ATV/UTV 2018

CLUTCH 746 body accessories handlebar & grips cables & levers engine fuel & intake carriers & racks plows & implements frame & chassis utv accessories bumpers & winches electrical & ignition clutch brakes drive steering & suspension bearings tires & wheels chemicals tools & shop exhaust dealer aids 204097 17.60 B 12.75 oz. can Comet “Dry” spray lube is “good stuff” for clutch & torque converters. This is a high range, heat resistant lube with the ability to withstand 100,000 PSI. Normal use will extend the life of your equipment. COMET CLUTCH LUBE SPRAY 94C, 102C and 108C POLARIS CLUTCH TOOLS Jam Nut Driver 725-286 40.92 G P85 and P90 Primary’s Spider Tool 725-285 43.19 G P85 and P90 Primary’s CLUTCH TUNING HANDBOOK CTH001 33.95 B This popular Clutch Tuning Handbook has now been rewritten and updated for the third time. This handy book gives you the straight scoop on setting up your clutches for maximum performance. Special chapters on clutch theory, testing and flywheel grinding. If you're confused about how your clutch works, this book will save you valuable time and money. New sections include Comet, John Deere and Yamaha clutches. The sheave clamp tool holds the sheave in place when collapsed for changing clutch weights without removing outer cover or clutch from crankshaft. An absolute must for field tuning. Sold each. SP20161 9.95 A For Polaris ATVs SLP CLUTCH SHEAVE CLAMP TOOL ATV CLUTCH BUSHINGS FOR POLARIS • Meets or exceeds OE quality parts • Used to repair P-85, P-90, and engine braking clutch Primary Cover Bushing P85/P90 376510 12.95 B EBS Primary Movable Sheave Bushing All other RBS models EBS WE376712 24.95 B TITANIUM CLUTCH SPRINGS 2 1/2” load 2 1/4” load 1 1/4” load ARCTIC CAT 650i TATV1 59.50 A 15.9 kg. 25 kg. 56.7 kg. KAWASAKI Prairie Primary V-Force TATV8 59.50 A 0 kg. 11 kg. 73 kg. SUZUKI 700 Twin ARCTIC CAT 650; TSS3 59.50 A 52.2 kg. --- 99.9 kg. KAWASAKI Prairie 360, 650, 700 Secondary V-Force SUZUKI 700 Twin POLARIS All Primary TDR4 59.50 A 30 lbs. 54 lbs. 140 lbs. Secondary TDV1 59.50 A 115 lbs. --- 220 lbs. • Designed for extended life in demanding applications • 40% lighter • Resists Fading due to high heat • Conditions highest quality • Most durable material available today for clutch springs