ATV/UTV 2018

BEARINGS 924 body accessories handlebar & grips cables & levers engine fuel & intake carriers & racks plows & implements frame & chassis utv accessories bumpers & winches electrical & ignition clutch brakes drive steering & suspension bearings tires & wheels chemicals tools & shop exhaust dealer aids Normally, you may find the dimensions of the seal stamped on the seal itself. SEALS SIZE CHART continued R = ribs on outside of oil seal T = tips on oil seal F = flange on oil seal DC = double lip, double sprung, rubber TC = double lip, single spring, rubber TB = double lip, single spring, steel 45x68x15 DOUBLE LIP SEAL 45-68-15 AB306802 6.25 L 45x75x10.5 BRAKE DRUM SEAL 45-76-10.5 AB307601 11.46 L 46.5x73x8 DOUBLE LIP SEAL 46.5-73-8 AB307301 8.15 L 46x58x7 DOUBLE LIP SEAL 46-58-7 AB305809 6.25 L 46x68x8 DOUBLE LIP SEAL 46-68-8 AB306803 6.25 L 46x70x8 DOUBLE LIP SEAL 46-70-8 AB307002 4.47 L 47x70x8.5 DOUBLE LIP SEAL W/LIP 47-70-8.5 AB307003 7.11 L 48x62x7 DOUBLE LIP SEAL 48-62-7 AB306213 6.25 L 48x68x8 DOUBLE LIP SEAL 48-68-8 AB306804 4.47 L 48x88x7.5 DOUBLE LIP SEAL 48-88-7.5 AB308801 5.75 L 49x62x6 DOUBLE LIP SEAL 49-62-6 AB306218 6.25 L 49x68x7 DOUBLE LIP SEAL 49-68-7 AB306808 4.50 L 50.5x62x9 DOUBLE LIP SEAL 50.5-62-9 AB306214 6.25 L 50x68x7 DOUBLE LIP SEAL 50-68-7 AB306805 4.47 L 50x70x10 DOUBLE LIP SEAL 50-70-10 AB307010 6.31 L 50x80x8 DOUBLE LIP SEAL 50-80-8 AB308002 7.11 L 52x62x7 DOUBLE LIP SEAL 52-62-7 AB306215 4.47 L 52x63x6 DOUBLE LIP SEAL 52-63-6 AB306301 3.67 L BEARINGS SIZE CHART 1.06X1.98 X.56 TAPER BRG POLARIS L44649/10 AB201011 8.94 L 1.377X2.36 X.625 TAPER BRG POLARIS L68149/11 AB201010 11.94 L 10X26X8 BALL BRG, DBL RUBBER SEALED 60002RS 3.53 L 10X30X9 BALL BRG, DBL RUBBER SEALED 62002RS 3.22 L 10X35X11 BALL BRG, DBL RUBBER SEALED 63002RS 6.03 L 12X28X8 BALL BRG, DBL RUBBER SEALED 60012RS 3.35 L 12X32X10 BALL BRG, DBL RUBBER SEALED 62012RS 3.67 L 12X37X12 BALL BRG, DBL RUBBER SEALED 63012RS 4.69 L 13X25.5X13 NEEDLE BEARING AB231008 5.97 L 14X24.5X15 NEEDLE BEARING AB231010 7.94 L 15X21X10 NEEDLE BRG, FULL COMPLIMENT AB231004 8.00 L 15X32X9 BALL BRG, DBL RUBBER SEALED 60022RS 4.33 L 15X42X13 BALL BRG, DBL RUBBER SEALED 63022RS 5.40 H 16X23X16 NEEDLE BEARING 16X23X16 AB231016 13.00 L 16X24X12 NEEDLE BEARING AB231005 11.39 L 16X35X11 99502H 99502H 4.72 L 17X30X7 BALL BRG, DBL RUBBER SEALED 69032RS 7.03 L 17X35X10 BALL BRG, DBL RUBBER SEALED 60032RS 4.40 J 17X40X12 BALL BRG, DBL RUBBER SEALED 62032RS 3.25 J 17X47X14 BALL BRG, DBL RUBBER SEALED 63032RS 5.78 L 19X47X21 FLAT RA012NPP 16.11 L 19X47X21 DOME RA012NPPB 9.17 L 1X1.98X.56 TPR BRG POLARIS L44643/10-KCP AB201012 9.50 L 1X52X15 BALL BRG, DBL RBR SLD 1 BORE AM6205 13.85 H 20X28X16 NEEDLE BEARING, (23-1015) AB231009 15.75 L 20X32X16 NEEDLE BEARING AB231012 45.00 L 20X32X7 BALL BRG, DBL RUBBER SEALED 68042RS 7.03 L 20X34X18 NEEDLE BEARING AB231014 19.50 L 20X37X9 BALL BRG, DBL RUBBER SEALED 69042RS 8.83 L 20X42X12 6004-2RS 60042RS 3.90 J 20X42X15 TAPER BEARING, METRIC AB32004XJ 12.45 L 20X47X14 BALL BRG, DBL RUBBER SEALED 62042RS 4.75 L 20X47X20.6 BALL BRG, DBL RUBBER SEALED 52042RS 21.94 L 55x70x6 DOUBLE LIP SEAL 55-70-6 AB307004 4.85 L 60x80x8 DOUBLE LIP SEAL 60-80-8 AB308001 6.25 L 65x85x8 DOUBLE LIP SEAL 65-85-8 AB308501 6.25 L 20X52X15 BALL BRG, DBL RUBBER SEALED 63042RS 7.20 H 20X52X15 ENGINE BEARING, OPEN AB6304C3 16.95 L 22X30X16 NEEDLE BEARING W/ RACE AB231003 16.17 L 22X30X18 NEEDLE BEARING W/ RACE AB231002 11.72 L 22X50X14 BALL BRG, DBL RUBBER SEALED 62222RS 12.17 L 22X52X21 FLAT RA014NPP 15.95 H 22X52X21 DOME RA014NPPB 12.22 L 22X56X16 BALL BRG, DBL RUBBER SEALED 63222RS 13.14 L 22X62X15 BALL BEARING SCO4A99NR AB201022 23.33 L 25.4X52X21 DOME FHS20516 10.83 L 25.4X52X21 FLAT RA100NPP 19.17 L 25.4X52X21 DOME RA100NPPB 9.45 L 25.4X52 X34.8 DOME HC20516 12.95 H 25X42X9 BALL BRG, DBL RUBBER SEALED 69052RS 8.75 L 25X47X12 BALL BRG, DBL RUBBER SEALED 60052RS 5.72 L 25X52X15 BALL BRG, DBL RUBBER SEALED 62052RS 5.95 J 25X52X15 ENGINE BEARING, OPEN C3 AB6205C3 12.95 L 25X52X15 6205-2RS AM6205 13.85 H 25X52X16 NJ205 C3 PIN SHAPED ROLLERS KX092591 15.99 B 25X52X19.5 TAPER BEARING, METRIC AB32205 13.83 L 25X52X20.6 BALL BRG, DBL RUBBER SEALED 32052RS 43.94 L 25X62X16 6305 SPECIAL AB202032 30.42 L 25X62X17 BALL BRG, DBL RUBBER SEALED 63052RS 8.28 L 25X62X17 ENGINE BEARING, OPEN AB6305C3 15.95 L 25X62X17 83464C KX092512 22.25 G 25X62X17 6305 NR C3 SNAP RING KX092584 15.45 G 25X65X16 83519 KX09241 26.95 G 28X52X12 BALL BRG, DBL RUBBER SEALED 60282RS 12.03 L 28X58X16 BALL BRG, DBL RUBBER SEALED 62282RS 14.06 L 28X68X18 ENGINE BEARING, OPEN, C3 AB6328C3 16.95 L 29X52X12 BALL BEARING KCP 60/28 AB201023 12.61 L 30X50X20 BALL BEARING DE0678CS12 AB201002 30.75 L 30X52X12 BALL BEARING 30-52-12 AB201024 11.56 L 30X54X24 BALL BEARING DE0681CS18 AB201004 30.75 L 30X55X13 6006-2RS 60062RS 7.20 J 30X55 X25/30 BEARING, ARCTIC CAT AB202035 24.31 L 30X62X16 6206JXNW3 (W/LOCATING HOLE & GROOVE) 317-201 24.95 G 30X62X16 BALL BRG, DBL RUBBER SEALED 62062RS 8.75 L 30X62X16 6206 NR C3 SNAP RING KX092582 12.95 G 30X62X20.5 TAPER BEARING, METRIC AB32206J 17.22 L 30X65X16 H1C83519C KX09241 26.95 G 32X58X13 BALL BRG, DBL RUBBER SEALED 60322RS 13.14 L 32X65X17 BALL BRG, DBL RUBBER SEALED 62322RS 14.06 L 35X58X15 BALL BRG, DBL RBR DG355815 AB201025 21.39 L 35X62X14 6007-2RS 60072RS 8.03 L 35X72X17 BALL BEARING, OPEN AB6207 13.08 L 35X72X17 6207R9 KX09253 26.95 G 35X72X17 6207 NR C3 SNAP RING KX092586 28.95 G 40X62X12 6908-2RS 69082RS 14.00 L 40X68X15 6008-2RS 60082RS 9.95 J 40X68X9 BALL BEARING 40-68-9 AB16008 14.72 L 40X70X15 BALL BEARING DG4070 AB201019 16.06 L 40X74X40 BALL BRG, DBL RBR DE08A27 AB201009 35.14 L 40X80X18 BALL BRG, DBL RUBBER SEALED 62082RS 13.10 G 43X68X13 ATV DIF BRG 43-68-13 AB201018 15.14 L 45X68X12 BALL BRG, DBL RUBBER SEALED 69092RS 16.44 L 45X75X16 6009-2RS 60092RS 15.22 L 50X62X15 NEEDLE BEARING AB231006 18.97 L 50X80X16 BALL BRG, DBL RUBBER SEALED 60102RS 16.06 L 50X80X21 BALL BEARING DG5080 AB201016 25.67 L 55X67X20 NEEDLE BEARING AB231001 17.17 L 65X100X11 BALL BEARING 65-100-11 AB16013 17.33 L 70X110X13 BALL BEARING 70-110-13 AB16014 40.97 L AXLE, CRANK, DRIVE AND WHEEL SEAL SPECIFICATION CHART FOR PROPER FIT REFER TO OUR APPLICATION GUIDE