Offroad 2018

HANDLEBAR & GRIPS body accessories handlebar & grips cables & levers electrical & ignition engine fuel & intake clutch brakes drive steering & suspension bearings tires exhaust 128 chemicals tools & shop PLASTIC EXTENDERS These plastic extenders fit the contour of the EMGO aluminum handguards (see to the left) to protect against wind, water, mud, and other weather. Injection molded plastic handguard with an aluminum reinforcement built into the backside for extra strength and durability. Sold as a pair. EM97951 Red 81.95 L EM97953 Purple 81.95 L EM97954 Black 81.95 L EM97957 Royal Blue 81.95 L PLASTIC LO-PROFILE HANDGUARDS W/ALUMINUM REINFORCEMENT ALUMINUM HANDGUARDS These handguards add great protection for roll overs and when combined with the extenders at right they offer proven protection from many other obstacles. EM97921 51.95 set L UNIVERSAL EXTREME HANDGUARDS Our extreme handguards are made from a high tech plastic injection molded over a super tough aluminum handguard that has a larger bend for more room for brake and clutch levers. Includes improved positive mount hardware to keep your handguards in place at all times. MM595351 White 62.25 pr B MM595356 Red 72.05 pr B UNIVERSAL XC PRO HANDGUARDS MM595082 Black 52.69 B MM595086 Red 52.69 B MM595081 White 52.69 B DLX WOODS PRO ALUMINUM HANDGUARDS Our new Deluxe Woods Pro Aluminum Handguards are made with a larger bend to give you a greater clearance for your brake and clutch levers and have more positive mounting hardware to keep your handguards in place. Hardware mounts to 7/8” steel of aluminumhandlebars. MM59525 85.940 pr B MM59527 7.22 kit B ADAPTER KIT FOR RENTHAL/ANSWER TYPE ALUMINUM HANDLEBARS EM97942 Blue 4.50 G EM97943 Purple 4.50 G A high tech durable injection molded plastic alternative to our popular Woods Pro Aluminum Handguards. Includes hardware to mount on steel handlebars or 7/8” aluminum bars. 224004 59.95 pr G Looking for a quick way to add hand protection and warmth? The SG1 is a soft molded handguard that can be attached and removed quickly depending on riding conditions. The SG1 offers significantly more coverage than traditional plastic handguards. The SG1 is constructed of light weight closed cell foam which is both water proof and extremely durable. Included is an innovative mounting system that uses the handle bar, wires and cables to secure the guard in place and keep it from rolling on the bars. • Helps keep hands warm and dry • Can be installed and removed quickly • Waterproof • Fits Dirt Bikes, ATVs and Snowmobiles • Unique mounting system included • Securely attaches and will not spin or rotate on the bars • Width=13 3/8” Height=8 5/8” Depth=2 1/2” SG1 TM SERIES HANDGUARD