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ITEMS BATTLECROSS X10 BATTLECROSS E50 BATTLECROSS E50 EXTREME Battlecross X10 operates more effectively over a wider terrain range for greater flexibility in varying track conditions. Designed for mud/ sand terrain. Battlecross X31 is for a broader range of intermediate terrain in big bike sizes. Starting where the X30 left off, the X31 is enhanced with Bunker Groove™ technology which results in greater traction in both harder and softer terrains.* The Battlecross E50 is the most versatile off-road tire in the Battlecross line-up and is built specifically with the hardcore enduro rider in mind. The Battlecross E50 Extreme is built to compete in the most extreme enduro races. Challenge the toughest terrain with confidence due to a soft compound especially developed for superior grip. INTRODUCING BRIDGESTONE. Offering more grip for more miles. BATTLECROSS X31 Page 22 in Tires Page 24 in Tires