Offroad Catalog

HANDLEBAR & GRIPS accessories body handlebar & grips cables & levers engine fuel & intake electrical & ignition clutch drive bearings brakes steering & suspension tires exhaust chemicals tools & shop OFFROAD CATALOG 193 FAST SAME DAY SHIPPING • Firm first layer uses new acoustical rebound core to reflect vibration and improve durability • Softer outer layer shed mud and water, increase gripping power, reduces vibration for more comfort and less fatigue • End caps reinforced to improve durability Slim Line SLT specially made for ATV, watercraft, and snowmobile • These grips have a small flange with a closed end, and are available in 9 colors! Both grips - 7/8” • Four integrated safety wire grooves SOLD PER PAIR Spider Motorsports Grips use specially formulated compounds that retain tackiness when wet. These compounds molded into a diamond web design, shed water and make it easier to hold on for better control and less fatigue. Firmer material to increase durability and reduce grip twisting on the bar. Soft gel material to increase comfort and add tackiness for better holding power and vibration dampening, reducing fatigue. SLT ATV, PWC, SNOWMOBILE Gray w/Black Diamonds SG2000 17.95 Graphite w/Black Diamonds SG2001 17.95 Black w/ Dark Gray Diamonds SG2002 17.95 Green w/Black Diamonds SG2003 17.95 Yellow w/Black Diamonds SG2004 17.95 Orange w/Black Diamonds SG2005 17.95 Red w/Black Diamonds SG2006 17.95 Blue w/Black Diamonds SG2007 17.95 Pink w/Black Diamonds SG2008 17.95 CLASSIC HAND GUARDS • Made from low-density plastic • Venting holes for improved cooling • Unique behind the aluminum guards for longer life • Easy to install (mounting screws included) • Available in 2 designs with 6 color waves • Sold in pairs BLUE AVIATOR 940689 19.99 GREEN AVIATOR 940690 19.99 ORANGE AVIATOR 940691 19.99 YELLOW AVIATOR 940693 19.99 ORANGE GRUNGE 940697 19.99 YELLOW GRUNGE 940699 19.99 NOTE: THESE DO NOT COME WITH MOUNTS