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HANDLEBAR & GRIPS body accessories handlebar & grips cables & levers electrical & ignition engine fuel & intake clutch brakes drive steering & suspension bearings tires exhaust chemicals tools & shop 198 | 207-942-6769 Hand Wrap bracket installed Hand Wrap end cap installed The only system that converts back and forth from standard handguards to a closed-loop system! STAR SERIES HAND WRAP The Race Flare permanently attaches to the PowerMadd Star Series and TrailStar handguards adding complete 360 degree protection. Utilizing the Star Series popular style the Race Flare looks good while doubling the amount of protection! The Race Flare is constructed of light weight closed cell molded AEPE foam, which is both waterproof and extremely durable. STAR SERIES / TRAILSTAR RACE FLARE This mirror set looks great with the PowerMadd Star Series and Trail Star handguards. The 2” spot mirror is angled and rotates 360 degrees to allow for optimal viewing adjustment. These mirrors are great for trail riding on ATVs, motorcycles, and snowmobiles. The included Spring Kit turns your Standard Mirror Kit into a Fold-Down Mirror. The mirrors will work with the optional Extensions, Flare, Race Flare and Hand Wrap, but not with the Gauntlets. Folding mirror will not work with Hand Wrap Kit or Race Flare. HANDGUARD MIRROR SET & SPRING KIT DESCRIPTION PART # MIRROR SET PD34289 25.00 LARGE MIRROR SET (Only includes hardware to add large mirror to one side. Will work on both left and right side.) PD34257 15.00 HANDGUARD MIRROR SPRING KIT PD14268 8.00 • Spring kit converts standard style mirrors into fold-in style. 224000 25.00 PD14253 50.00 POWERXTM SERIES HANDGUARDS REPLACEMENT HANDGUARDS (NO MOUNTS) KTM ORANGE 224063 20.00 BLACK PM14280 20.00 YELLOW PM14285 20.00 GREEN PM14283 20.00 WHITE PM14284 20.00 So unique and innovative PowerMadd had to file for a patent. The PowerX is the only flexible handguard designed to bend and flex upon impact and spring back into place! If you do break it, they will replace it! Yes, you read it correctly, if during the first year of use you break any part of the PowerX handguard, simply send the broken part back to PowerMadd and they will replace it, no questions asked. Features and Benefits: • The PowerX offers super light hand protection that installs in just minutes • Work great on all large and small MX bikes, large and mini ATVs and snowmobiles. • Purchase guards and mount kits separately REPLACEMENT UNIVERSAL FLEXMOUNT PM14256 45.00