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The new and fully updated SCOTT Split OTG Goggle is the ultimate goggle for wearing over the glasses. A new integrated RAM Air System dictates the flow of air coming into the goggle through the top spoiler to ensure the lenses don’t steam up and stay crystal clear all day long. Combined with 3-layer face foam, SCOTT’s NoFog™ Anti-Fog lens treatment and a fit that has been specifically designed to be worn with glasses, the new Split OTG makes riding in glasses a breeze. SCOTT SPLIT OTG GOGGLE 557534 49.95 COLOR : blue / white clear works SPL IT SERIES SPL IT OTG GOGGLE SCOTT SPLIT OTG GOGGLE 557535 49.95 COLOR : black / clear works SCOTT SPLIT OTG GOGGLE 557536 49.95 COLOR : white / clear works SCOTT SPLIT OTG GOGGLE 557537 49.95 COLOR : dark red /clear works SCOTT SPLIT OTG GOGGLE 557538 49.95 COLOR : white / blue/ clear works SCOTT SPLIT OTG GOGGLE 557539 49.95 COLOR : grey / yellow clear works SCOTT SPLIT OTG GOGGLE 557540 55.95 COLOR : sand dust / black / dark grey ACCESSORIES accessories body handlebar & grips cables & levers engine fuel & intake electrical & ignition clutch drive bearings brakes steering & suspension tires exhaust chemicals tools & shop OFFROAD CATALOG 51 FAST SAME DAY SHIPPING Especially designed for junior riders, the Buzz MX goggle is optimized for smaller faces. It provides a maximum field of vision, not to miss out on anything while riding. The large lens offers the possibility to mount a SCOTT WFS roll-off system and is equipped with WORKS pins on it. The no-slip silicone strap gives perfect goggle stabilization which makes it a perfect choice for junior riders looking for the best SCOTT technologies. BUZZ YOUTH MX PRO SERIES BUZZ YOUTH MX PRO WFS AND NON WFS GOGGLES SCOTT YOUTH BUZZ MX PRO GOGGLE 557541 44.00 COLOR : black / grey / silver chrome works SCOTT YOUTH BUZZ MX PRO GOGGLE 557543 44.00 COLOR : red / grey / gold chrome works GOGGLES CONTINUED 100% UV-protected clear Lexan lens with NoFog anti-fog lens treatment, a super-soft face foam and durable, silicone-lined strap. SCOTT AGENT GOGGLE 557551 19.95 COLOR : black / clear AGENT SERIES AGENT CLEAR LENS GOGGLE SCOTT AGENT GOGGLE 557552 19.95 COLOR : white / clear SCOTT AGENT GOGGLE 557553 19.95 COLOR : blue / clear SCOTT AGENT GOGGLE 557554 19.95 COLOR : red / clear SCOTT AGENT GOGGLE 557555 19.95 COLOR : pink / clear