Offroad Catalog

ACCESSORIES accessories body handlebar & grips cables & levers engine fuel & intake electrical & ignition clutch drive bearings brakes steering & suspension tires exhaust chemicals tools & shop OFFROAD CATALOG 95 FAST SAME DAY SHIPPING FUNCTIONAL POCKETS BUILT-IN HANDLE for easy transportation EMBEDDED POROUS MAT to avoid oil and fuel spillage PRECUT MOLD allows the use of bike stands 994555 159.99 YELLOW RM 01/BLACK FEATURES Folding design Compatible with the majority of bike stands in the market Easy to store (Truck; Garage; Pit) Resistant structure built in polypropylene FIM Motocross World Championship Official Podium Bike Mat Compatible with the majority of bike stands in the market Functional pockets can be used to store tools and other parts Easy to clean No tools required PARTS INCLUDED 1 bike mat 2 absorbent mats PACKAGING DETAILS Packed in carton sleeve Weight: 10500 g / 23.14 lb BIKE MAT FOLDABLE PIT PLASTIC MAT OFFICIAL SPONSOR 1800mm / 70.87” 990mm 38.98” 511mm 20.12” 990mm 38.98” OPTIONAL REPLACEMENT PARTS ABSORBENT MAT (2 units) 993918 10.99 FOLDING DESIGN 993931 159.99 ORANGE KTM/BLACK 993929 159.99 BLUE YAM 98/BLACK 993932 159.99 RED CR 04/BLACK 994556 159.99 GREEN KX 05/BLACK 993933 159.99 BLACK