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ACCESSORIES accessories body handlebar & grips cables & levers engine fuel & intake electrical & ignition clutch drive bearings brakes steering & suspension tires exhaust chemicals tools & shop OFFROAD CATALOG 97 FAST SAME DAY SHIPPING TRIPOD Multi-Fit Triangle Stands Polisport’s bike stand is a hit amongst riders and teams as well as privateers and casual riders who sometimes have to move or store the bike on their own, as it’s not always easy to lift a bike. With this in mind, Polisport presents the Tripod which offers a strong and stable lateral support forming a three point hold up with the rear wheel. Being made from strong plastic components it is as robust as it is light. With colors to match each manufacturers brand livery, it promises to be a practical rider’s best friend. • Carry it in your backpack • High resistant folding design • Space saving • Universal fitting • Easy to carry • Includes Tripod multifit triangle bolt/spacers for Ø12 and Ø18mm rear wheel inner diameter axles COLOR PART # Orange 992739 45.99 Black 992743 45.99 lightweight universal mounting 370 80 420 420 FORK SAVER 992734 24.99 MUFFLER PLUGS DESCRIPTION PART # 2 Strokes 992735 8.99 ea 4 Strokes 992736 9.99 ea 4 Strokes - 6 Units / 2 Strokes - 4 Units 992737 77.99 pkg VENT & VALVE 992733 15.99 ULTIMATE MUD REMOVER 992732 8.99 Polisport is presenting another essential tool for the professional or amateur off-road rider. The Ultimate Mud Remover is an evolution of the solutions already available on the market. Small and easy to carry and store, this mud remover is highly resistant and yet very light. Besides having two different scrapping shapes, for curvaceous or flat surfaces, it includes spoke cleaner and also three sizes of hex wrenches. PARTS INCLUDED 1 bike stand PACKAGING DETAILS Packed in carton box Weight: 3,7 kg / 8.16 lb OFFICIAL SPONSOR FEATURES Folding design. Space saving Easy to carry Highly resistant Up to 552 pounds / 250 kg Anti-slip top to grip the bike’s frame Bi-material: polypropylene and rubber Injection molded rubber FIM Motocross World Championship Official Podium Bike Stand Graphics: Polisport painted and raised logo BIKE STAND FOLDABLE PIT BIKE STAND 600mm 23.62” 50mm 1.97” 420mm 16.54” 300mm 11.81” 450mm 17.72” dual injection 992744 112.99 YELLOW RM 01 992745 112.99 ORANGE KTM 992746 112.99 BLUE YAMAHA 98 992747 112.99 RED CR 04 992748 112.99 GREEN KX 05 992749 112.99 BLACK/WHITE 992750 112.99 BLACK/BLACK 994557 112.99 BLACK/FLO YELLOW