Winter 2020

The #1 Multi-Purpose Tie Down System SUPERTRAC Deck Hook LOCKABLE Add a lock and it becomes a theft deterrent STAINLESS STEEL HARDWARE HEAVY DUTY ALUMINUMTRACK - Comes in 3 sizes: 12” 24” and 48”. All kits contain: 1 length of Supertrac, 1 Supertrac deck hook, stain- less steel hardware and 2 end caps. FULLY ADJUSTABLE Industries first 8 point secure- ment deck hook SUPERTRAC END CAPS End caps cover and close the Supertrac ends with a clean, finished look SUPER TRAC The new SUPERTRAC is a multi-purpose, fully adjustable and lockable tie- down anchor system for use anywhere you need to tie down and secure cargo. SUPERTRAC can be installed in pick-up trucks, trailers, vans or just about anywhere you need to add an anchor point to tie down your cargo. Comes standard with 1 piece SUPERTRAC, SUPERTRAC Deck Hook, End caps and Stainless Steel Hardware. SUPER CLAMP II • Center tension knob fully adjustable to all snowmobiles • H i g h l y e n g i n e e r e d c omp o s i t e construction will never rust • Lockable with your padlock, Superclamp acts as a theft deterrent • Compatible with all ski types • Protect your skis with ribbed silicone rubber pads • Includes a screw style deck hook • Lightweight fiber-filled composite material 8-1.2” 21 cm 13-1.2” 34 cm 30” 75 cm 30” 75 cm SUPER-GLIDES II PRO • Accommodates single or dual carbide skis • Total length 20 ft. (6M) • Each box contains 8 pcs: 8.5X 29.5 inch (21.5 X 74.9cm) • Comes with 48 specially coated screws with grommets • Can be used with optional Edge Rail Trim kit SUPER-GLIDES II WIDE • Accommodates single or dual carbide skis • Each box contains 8 pcs: 13.5X 29.5 inch (34.3 X 74.9cm) • Total length 20 ft. (6m) • Comes with 72 specially coated screws with grommets • Can be used with optional Edge Rail Trim kit SUPER -TRACTION GRID TRACTION GRID FORYOUR TRACK • Traction Gr id’s strategic gr id pattern, provides incredible grip and accommodates all snowmobile tracks even with paddles or studded • Total Footprint (: 16.5” x 60” • Kit Contains 4 pcs (8.25” x 29.5”) plus hardware RAMP CROSSBAR PROTECTOR • Designed to wrap around a 1 inch ramp cross bars, on solid, double and tri-fold loading ramps. • Pieces are 7.5” long, two can be used together making 15” of width for center of ramp for Snowmobile tracks • Available up to 24 piece kits • Hardware included • Traction for your track on all trailering surfaces • Made from highly durable composite material • 6 per kit with installation hardware included • 15” (38cm) Long FOR MORE INFORMATION ON ANY OF THESE SUPERCLAMP PRODUCTS PLEASE SEE PAGES 1053 - 1055