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HANDLEBAR & GRIPS accessories body handlebar & grips cables & levers engine fuel & intake electrical & ignition clutch drive bearings brakes steering & suspension tires exhaust chemicals tools & shop OFFROAD CATALOG 195 FAST SAME DAY SHIPPING The strongest protection you can buy. The Star Series Handguard is designed to take a beating. The mounting brackets are tough aluminum, while the guard itself is made of two different types of plastic - a stiff spine for durability, and a softer colored body for flexibility. Designed to protect your hands from flying debris, rocks, bushes, branches, and mud, plus, keep your hands warmer by blocking the wind in cold weather. In the summer, simply snap out the removable vent cover to let air flow through. In winter, remove the optional extensions for added wind protection. Designed with a universal mount system that works on ATVs, motorcycles and snowmobiles and requires only 1/2” of bar space. STAR HANDGUARD SYSTEM Handguards with standard removable air deflector. SOLD PER PAIR. MOUNTS SOLD SEPERATELY (SEE BELOW) SOLD SEPARATELY: • MOUNTS • OPTIONAL LARGE AIR DEFLECTORS • OPTIONAL MIRRORS • STAR SERIES HAND WRAP YELLOW / BLACK PD14201 40.00 RED / BLACK PD14202 40.00 GREEN / BLACK PD14203 40.00 BLUE / BLACK PD14204 40.00 ORANGE / BLACK PD14205 40.00 SUZUKI YELLOW / BLACK PD14206 40.00 BLACK / BLACK PD14210 40.00 RED / WHITE PD14222 40.00 BLUE / WHITE PD14221 40.00 RED / SILVER PD14232 35.00 UNIVERSAL ATV / DIRT BIKE /MOTORCYCLE MOUNT PD14252 50.00 pr HANDGUARD MOUNTS UNIVERSAL SNOWMOBILE MOUNT PD14250 50.00 pr The all new Tri-Mount Kit offers another area to mount the handguards - just below the bend on the rise of the bars. This is an ideal choice when space is limited near the controls, especially on utility quads and some snowmobiles. Easy to mount because there is no need to move controls to make space. Note - works only on 7/8” bars. MATTE BLACK 224062 50.00