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HANDLEBAR & GRIPS body accessories handlebar & grips cables & levers electrical & ignition engine fuel & intake clutch brakes drive steering & suspension bearings tires exhaust chemicals tools & shop 196 | 207-942-6769 PowerMadd is excited to introduce our latest handguard offering! The Sentinel Handguard is designed to be the most stylish, durable and functional handguard to date. The Sentinel guard is larger compared to the Star Series which in turn gives you more protection. The mounting brackets are 6061 aluminum, while the guard itself is made of two different types of plastic—a stiff two piece spine for durability, and a softer colored body for flexibility. The Sentinel protects your hands from flying debris, rocks, bushes, branches, and mud. Plus it keeps your hands warmer by blocking the wind in cold weather. In the summer, simply snap out the removable vent cover to let air flow through. The Sentinel Handguard will work with: Sentinel Armor, Gauntlet, Flare, Hand Wrap, Mirror and Large Mirror. Note: Requires mount kit 224050, 224051, 224052 or PM14269 Sentinel Handguards work with: • Sentinel Armor • Flare • Gauntlets • Hand Wrap • Mirror/Large Mirror Upgrade SENTINAL HANDGUARDS 224798 BLUE/WHITE 224067 50.00 SKI-DOO YELLOW/BLACK 224041 50.00 POLARIS RED/BLACK 224042 50.00 KAWASAKI GREEN/BLACK 224043 50.00 YAMAHA BLUE/BLACK 224044 50.00 KTM ORANGE/BLACK 224045 50.00 SUZUKI YELLOW/BLACK 224046 50.00 WHITE/BLACK 224048 50.00 BLACK/BLACK 224049 50.00 BLACK/PINK 224798 50.00 224041 224042 224043 224048 224046 224049 FITS: ARCTIC CAT ‘19; YAMAHA SR VIPER & SIDEWINDER ‘19 This mount kit only works with the Sentinel and Fuzion handguards! It is designed to work with all the 2019 Arctic Cat and Yamaha snowmobiles. Only 1/2" of space is needed near your handlebar grips to accommodate the mounting brackets. Unique design allows you to fit the brake side mounting bracket under your existing Hayes Stealth master cylinder. All parts are aluminum for lightweight strength and durability. FITS: ALL POLARIS SNOWMOBILES WITH PRO TAPER MTN. BARS This mount kit only works with the Sentinel and fuzion handguards. It is designed to work with all Polaris snowmobiles with Pro Taper Mountain bars. This unique design allows you to install the PowerMadd Sentinel and Fuzion handguards without having to adjust any handlebar controls. All parts are forged aluminum for lightweight, strength and durability. HAYES STEALTH BRAKE MOUNT KIT FOR SENTINEL AND FUZION HANDGUARDS SENTINEL HANDGUARDS SNOWMOBILEPRO TAPER MOUNT KIT 224093 55.00 224799 75.00 224044 224045 224067 TRI-MOUNT KIT Universal ATV/Snowmobile SNOWMOBILE MOUNT KIT ATV/MX MOUNT KIT SNOWMOBILE HAYES BRAKE MOUNT KIT MOUNTS (SOLD SEPERATELY) 224050 50.00 224051 50.00 224052 50.00 PM14269 65.00