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Page Background The #1 Multi-Purpose Tie Down System The new SUPERTRAC is a multi-purpose, fully adjustable and lockable tie-down anchor system for use anywhere you need to tie down and secure cargo. SUPERTRAC can be installed in pick-up trucks, trailers, vans or just about anywhere you need to add an anchor point to tie down your cargo. Comes standard with 1 piece SUPERTRAC, SUPERTRAC Deck Hook, End caps and Stainless Steel Hardware. SUPERTRAC Deck Hook LOCKABLE Add a lock and it becomes a theft deterrent STAINLESS STEEL HARDWARE The Supertrac is se- cured with all stainless steel hardware for best quality securement and will not rust




K - Comes in 3 sizes: 12”

24” a

nd 48”. All kits contain: 1


h of Supertrac, 1 Super-

trac d

eck hook, stainless steel


ware and 2 end caps. FULLY ADJUSTABLE Industries first 8 point securement deck hook SUPERTRAC END CAPS End caps cover and close the Supertrac ends with a clean, finished look SUPER GLIDES II PRO SUPER TRAC


ATENTED TECHNOLOGY The sled and ATV glide with traction!



Features improved traction for your feet

Sleds glide with ease; no more ripping up your plywood deck

Traction for your ATV; no more spinning tires

Moisture minimizing venting; prevents premature wood rot

An industry’s first; traction for your feet

Kit lengths; 20’ (8 pcs) 8.5” wide, includes 48 custom designed screws

All boxes come with mounting hardware and mounting instructions

Full kit Super-Glides (8 pc = 20’ feet) includes screw/grommet kit)